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Japanese Fashion

Watashi wa Sarah des.
Hello everyone!
I am excited to have found this website, I thought
I was going crazy because I love Japan so much.
My family thinks I am obsessed and that its weird
that I am so into learning Japan and listening to Japanese music.
Its been a year since I went to Japan and it was a lot
of fun. I thought the food was very good, I liked going shopping
at Shibuya and Harajuku and I loved the music.
Most of all I loved the fashion though. I bought so many
clothes and jewelry. The clothes are reasonably price, but
a little expensive at some places.
Check out the website for Shibuya 109 building. It is one of the
'it' places to go shopping in Japan.
Their is about 8 floors of hip japanese clothes and accesories.
Their is everything from cute baby style dresses, to funky jewelry,
to sweet retro clothes. It is really amazing!
Also Harajuki is a great place to shop. Its got lots of goth, cosplay and
lolita shops which offer many interesting costumes. These costumes
are rather expensive, costing 100 or 200 dollars.
The prices are reasonable too, ranging from 500yen to 4000yen for
a shirt or dress. (5 dollars- 40dollars)
If you live in a cold place like me (Canada) then I advise you not buy
to many clothes since the material is rather thin and more for hot weather.
I bought many clothes anyways, lol.
This is only a snippet of what I have to say about Japan.
Their is so many more places and things to see in Japan then where I live.
I wish to return again in the near future.
Thanks for listening, Sayonara!

I'm happy!

I sometimes go shopping to Sibuya and Harajuku!
I'm glad to hear that Japanese fasion is popular ;>

Sorry for broken English!!(*-*)

Konban wa!

Hey, I'm new to this site and I'm obsessed about fashion and designing! ALso I love Asian dramas, my fave is Devil Beside You, a Chinese drama. I'm looking foward to watching some Japanese ones soon.
Mata ne!