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Dreaming of Studying Abroad in Japan someday

I am half Japanese and half Caucasian . I grew up with my Japanese mother for the first 10 years of my life, and lived the rest with my American dad. I know very little Japanese but want to learn. I would love to learn as much Japanese as I can and maybe someday pass the JLPT level 1, which I know is very hard. I am dreaming of doing a study abroad program sometime in 2011.

I would love some advice on how I could go about getting into a program. I was looking into KCP International, so if anyone knows anything about them, please let me know. Also I would love to meet some people that I could practice some Japanese with.

Hi Joel.

welcom 4rum :) nice 2 meet u

Hey, whats ur name?

Hey, whats ur name?

Hello, my name is Joel and I

Hello, my name is Joel and I live in Philly and lived in other parts of the U.S. all my life. I'm a freshmen in college and just started learning Japanese. I am going to the KCP to study abroad through my college. I think we should study together !:)

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I thought it might be better were you to ask in the forums. I feel there is more activity there. You could also try the chat.

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