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konichiwa, im new here!xD

mhmm... i really, really, like Japanese language and i have friend that knows some words, but she only knows a bit, so when i learn a new work and say it to her, she doesn't know what i am talking about.....
so if anyone wants to help me, please write or add me... i can also help to learn English, for those who wants to learn it.

help learn japaneses

maybe i can help i am still learning my self i am not a beginner but not an intermediate at all mybe we can learn together and study together.


Is it too late? it's almost three? four months ago..Are you still studing here?
I am happy to help you. I'm a Japanese and I've learnig English in England now. I'm not very good speker, but I will try to help you so if you need my help, please ask me^^ Ganbatte!!

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