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好きな色は何ですか 「What is your favorite color?」

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15% (110 votes)
25% (182 votes)
12% (87 votes)
9% (66 votes)
3% (19 votes)
1% (10 votes)
12% (85 votes)
10% (74 votes)
2% (14 votes)
2% (11 votes)
3% (24 votes)
7% (49 votes)
Total votes: 731

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Black and White

I hate to be 'that' guy, but black and white are totally not colors -.-


> black and white are totally not colors


白色も黒色も 色にはちがいないでしょう。

HawaiianBoy's picture

black and white

well black is the absence of color and light while white is all of the colors put together

Blue <3

I pick blue because i like BLUE

I picked the color blue. I wish I could pick more then one, that way I could also pick Purple.

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I voted for pink to support the AWESOME チラシ I get in the mail almost every week!
It's like happy mail day when I get those! :D

マンツーマン 英会話 神戸 三宮 リアライズ - James

Black is my favorite color

I voted for black. Not only cause I like the name in kanji, but also it's my favorite color with red and white as well.

「鷹の魂は消えないで空の中に永遠に生きる。」 "A Hawk's spirit never dies, for it lives on forever in the sky"
-Joey Vega


赤 (red) is my favorite color! That is why i voted for it!! It looks really cool too. It looks kind of like blue, my 3rd favorite color. I still think red is the best in kanji. Red is the best color ever...too bad red is only in 2nd in the...POLL...

alyssaclaw...=(^ - ^)=

みみか's picture


the kanji for purple is awesome. but I voted for blue because lately I really like blue and green.

That's so interesting! It

That's so interesting! It amazes me so much every time I get a little bit of culture info like this -- it's like, BAM! there's a ton of stuff you don't know about! colors are probably really important in Japan for people who are artists, and often people learning Japanese would completely overlook such kanji for that large a range of colors. I mean, who would need to know those kanji? Artists, florists, people who deal with fabrics, interior decorators-- it's a lot of information to think about....

Wikipedia is great. thanks for the info!


I love this poll haha but do they really not have a kanji for pink? oh well.... 紫 is my second favorite. learning colors is fun...

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I see some other names for

I see some other names for colors... like 橙色 for orange, or 桃色 for pink (it literally means "peach color") etc.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traditional_colors_of_Japan has a TON of different colors, and gives an idea how detailed color naming can get (when you're dealing with things where precision is important, such as design, dyes, paints etc).

And from the Wikipedia page for the color Pink: "In Japanese language, pink has been described as Momoiro (桃色 Momo-Iro), which means "peach color", but Pink (ピンク Pinku) is more popular recently."

So it looks like while there are technically "proper Japanese" names for some of these colors like orange and pink, borrowed words (外来語 gairaigo) are now becoming more popular for them.

I learned some new things just by writing this comment. :D yay!


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