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JLPT N5 - done

Yeay ! Done... hopefully I will pass...
The second paper quite hard for me! Duh!!

It wasn't really about the test today, it was about whether I could make it to the test or not. Very unfortunate today that the main road to KL was closed by police due to demonstration which I wasn't aware. Last week, I took only 20 minutes to go the the examination venue (for mock test), today despite going out early from home, around 12:30, I still couldn't make it on time. Since one of the most important route was closed, all the road users were diverted to other route, which caused super heavy traffic jam! I was crying in the car, thinking that I might not make it to the test venue.

Lucky thing, I was not the only one effected. Due to large number of people stuck in super dupper heavy traffic jam, the exam was delayed by 30 minutes. It was supposed to start at 2:30 PM. I made it to the hall at about 2:45...

Anyway, it was done. I hope I will get good result.


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long wait for test results

I wonder why it takes that long for them to send out the results when all you did was fill out a scantron. I understand if they have to compare answers with all of the test takers to scare the points, but even that should not take that long. You just run the scantron through the machine. Realistically they should at least tell you if you passed or failed within no more than a month's time. I don't care if the certificate gets delayed.

You're right

Couldn't agree more.... I'm still waiting for the result... I really want to know if I pass.... ^^

liza ^___~ v

2 or 3 months

the notice to examinees stated that "You will be notified of your result of the test 2 to 3 months after the date of the sitting" .. so, it's around FEB or MAR... long wait! huhu ..~