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Cosmetic or Cleansing (?) for preventing acne






Vending machine heaven

In generally, there enormous number of vending machine machines occupied in Japan.
I think so(^_^;)

Somewhile ago, I found rare vending machine as like pic
....not "underware" one, I've never seen before XD

"not avilable cash " "credit card only" "minimum 9600 yen"

....it's too expensive.
but effective for preventing acne.

OK, this works for preventing acne.

I had an experience to lose money when trying to get a drink from vending machine before

Thus, I feel awkward to purchase something from vending machine, especially expensive one.

But I usually buy a ticket for Bullet train from vending machine.(^_^;)

Anyway many japanese are insensitive to buy something expensive from vending machine.

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Let me try to see how I might

Let me try to see how I might say that in English... Maybe others can offer a better alternative? :)


Vending Machine Heaven

You could say that Japan is overflowing with vending machines. (^_^;)

A while ago I found a rare vending machine like in the picture.

(Not an "underwear" one. I've never seen those before. XD )

"No cash" "Credit Only" "Minimum 9600 yen"

It's too expensive, but effective for preventing acne.

I lost my money to a vending machine before while trying to buy a drink, so buying things from a vending machine now can make me a little nervous. ;)

But I usually still buy my tickets for the Bullet Train and other things from vending machines. (^_^;)

Many Japanese people don't think twice about buying expensive things from vending machines.



"don't think twice"なんて知らなかったよ。

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