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はじめまして! (^_^)/ Thank you for

はじめまして! (^_^)/

Thank you for writing! As I was reading through your post I wanted to mention right off the bat something called "deletion". Basically once you've set yourself as the topic, you can leave it out from then on until the topic changes.

Right now what you're saying is something like "As for me, I live in Lithuania. As for me, I live in the capital of Lithuania. As for me... etc"

You can instead leave the 私は out after the first time... like "As for me, I live in Lithuania. (I) live in the Capital. (I) love the environment here." etc... the (I) is assumed after the first time you say it.

You wouldn't need to specify a topic again until it changed... like "As for my brother, he..." Then you would write お兄さんは。。。and then you could leave it out again as long as you were still talking about him, until you switched to something else, like yourself again etc.

There are a few other things, but they're a bit beyond my level as I'm just an upper beginner myself at best. :D Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will give some more advice.

Thank you for the pictures! (It looks even colder there than here! I'm in Michigan in the USA, and we have some snow, but not that much ye