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1/1 scale GUNDAM stnads in Shizuoka!

Star Trek
Star Wars

Yes, those movies are well known over the world, as masterpieces of SF!

But I like "The A team", much more than above(^_^;)
....in Japanese title "Stormtrooper, guy A-team"....I don't know the reason why.

In Japan, the stories corresponding to those masterpieces are

Space Battle ship YAMATO as Star Blazers

and GUNDAM, I guess.

Of course, the effects to SF history by these 2 animations are much weaker than Star Trek and Star Wars.
But the effects to japanese animation by these 2 animations might be huge and
could be impossible to ignore these 2 animations
for japanese animation.

Then, those 2 animations are still popular.

I have been to see that "a statue of GUNDAM" in this weekend
....during a buisiness trip(^_^;)

The day when I took this pic was the last day for exhibition

I had a cup of soba at noodle vender at Higashi shiuoka station, 310 YEN.

Gundam and Soba

It would be very interesting to see a GUNDAM statue in person. I have watched a little bit of the anime :)

You're making me hungry, I might need to go make some noodles.

By the way, do you have an easy soba recipe? :)

how to prepare "soba"

Actually, I don't know how to prepare noodle itself from buckwheat (^_^;)
Thus, I will write down from "rehydratable" soba noodle.

this is the web site of
Federation of Cooperatives of "rehydratable noodle"
sorry for Japanese(^_^;)

1. Buy rehydratable noodle and
concentrated soup from grocery.
If you can not find these in your local one,
try to go "chinese or korean" market.
Sometime, they sell Japanese foods.
When I was in Dallas TX,
I usually had been there for buying Japanese food.

2. Boil 2-3 liter of water in a pot and a kettle, respectively

3. Put the rehydratable noodle to the hot water

4. boil noodle for 3-5 min.
but it depends on type of noodle.

5. I usually use sieve for draining water
some people like to use this water for soup.
I don't like that way.

6. dilute concendrated soup with hot water from the kettle in a bowl

7. put the noodle to a bowl

8. Eat it (do you know "Weird" Al Yankovic?)
if you like "wasabi", put it.
if you like to have "cold" soba,
put cold water and ice instead of hot water in 6.
if you like "tempra", put it.

sometime, a concentrated soup on market might be too sweet.
If you don't like that, you can make it from soy sauce and "dashi" for your taste.
("dashi", Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp)
you might find "dashi" in "chinese or korean" market, too.

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