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the difference between hiragami and katakani

i just started learning japanese and im trying to figure the difference out between these two.are they used in different words or do you just have to know for when you are writting down stuff so you dont get confused from what letter comes from what.im also learning spanish im almost advanced on that so soon that will be complete.im hoping i can figure this japanese stuff out :)

not sure what you mean.

I've not yet heard of hiragami and katakani, do you mean hiragana and katakana? if you do :) the hiragana is used for many normal japanese words (other times instead of hiragana(ひらがな)you use kanji -- 漢字). 

For words that are considered foreign, like "cake" or "bus", the Japanese will write "cake" or "bus" in katakana(カタカナ), and it sounds just like the word in english, but with the japanese accent. Also, katakana is used for words that we would normally italicize, so words that are presented as a sound (like knocking, or a monster roaring on an anime or something) might also be in katakana.

did that make any sense?

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