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Title is a part famous and old (originally "EDO" era) song in Japan.

In beggining of Feb, plum starts to blossoms.

Thus, this reminds me that song
And raised me up for expecting Spring!

There is "pink plum", also

thanks for

giving me a reply!

From your blog, you are planning to visit Japan in summer, aren't you?
It's quit humid during summer in Japan. please pay attention for that. (^_^;)


Thanks for giving me a reply

Next flower I aim to take a pic,
"菜の花"(coleseed) or "さくら" (cherry blossom)

Actually, the most fast flower of cherry blossom has already start to bloom in Shizuoka, Japan
(if you are interesting about that, please check

i <3 cherry blossom they're

i <3 cherry blossom they're so beautiful!

very pretty:)

very pretty:)