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Today, I will show you how to cook
"イカ大根" Squid radish

1. cut radish into pieces

2. Boil radish from water in a pot

3. separate Squid into "body" and "head and leg" parts by hand
Do not use knife for that, for "not" cutting Squid's gut
And wash separated Squid by tap water

4.cut Squid into pieces

4-1. you might notice about "Cartilage" of Squid. remove it

4-2. Also, you might notice "teeth" of Squid. remove it

and wash this with hot water (60-80C) for 30 secs
for removing "Smell fishy"

5.put Squid into the pot

6.put "soy sauce" and "sweet sake (used as seasoning)" and some "ginger" for your favor

8.EAT IT!!

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