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Planning to make Japanese my official 6th language

Hello, TJP! I'm Hatori and I've been a member of TJP since I was about 11 years old. I had an older account, but it got banned and then I made this 2nd account... But that was because I was immature and stupid.

Right now I'm almost done with HS. Another few months and I'm out of there! :D Anyway, I always had the interest in learning Japanese since I was really little probably because Pokemon sparked my love for Asian culture. It sounds retarded right now, but I think that's where it all started.

When I first joined TJP I didn't know how to learn a foreign language. I do know TONS of words, phrases, characters, and basic grammar points of Japanese... but I think I need to get serious about this now. Since I have this newfound thing called "free time" I think I can actually put a few minutes each day to study this language.

I'm confident I'll be able to learn Japanese because throughout high school I have been studying German and I became an exchange student for a month... and on top of that I have been learning Spanish, French, and Chinese. I think now that I have had such a great foundation of foreign language learning, I can continue to self study these languages once I graduate high school and be able to learn more languages on top of that.

Thanks for reading my random blog. I've been thinking lately that I should get hardcore and serious about my Japanese learnings because it's just been too long.

I hope to see ya'll on the forums with my questions and comments about my studies.

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Welcome back. (^_^)/

Welcome back. (^_^)/