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cut a shiitake mushroom into pieces

cut a chinese cabbage into pieces

cut a leek, shrimp,

put ground pork meat, and mix

wrap that mixture with Dumpling skins

baking with some oil first, till one side burned
Then, put boild water one-third of pan,
put a lid, and put fire the moisture gone
Eat it

Japanese dumplings?

As you may know, dumplings is Chinese originated food

But there are 2 types of dumplings, BOILED and BEAKED, in East Asia.

In China, dumplings is made by BOILING.
Perhaps people eat dumplings with its soup.
In Japan, dumplings is made by BAKING.

I don't know the exactly reason why there’re 2 different “dumplings”

My chinese friend told me “In China, we only bake the leftover of "Chinese dumplings"”

Actually, I have never seen this "original Chinese dumpling with soup" in Japan, yet. Maybe if I go to major China town in Japan, Ikebukuro, Yokohama, Koobe,....It ccould be found, I guess.

Anyway I will introduce how to cook my “dumplings”,
this might be heresy way of cookings from Chinese people.

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What are the cultural foods you like best?

We had friends from Shanxi (Northern China) joined us for dinner during the Chinese New Year, so I had the opportunity to learn to wrap the skin. I was bad at it.

According to my friends, dumplings in her hometown were mainly boiled, they didn't drink the soup, instead they dipped the Jiaozi (餃子) in vinegar and ate it. I bought a few boxes of wasabi paste, so this year we really enjoyed eating Jiaozi with wasabi, it's yummy!!

Jiaozi with Wasabi?

Interesting! I have never tried like that way.
Next time I will try!
We usually have Dunmpling with soysauce supplemented small amount of chili oil
with ajipon(あじぽん;popular sauce in Japan, but I Don't know english name)

Anyway I like many foods, It's impossible for me to choose best one (^_^;)

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We had jiao zi last night

kt-san, last night my mom made jiaozi, we used 3 types of vegetables and some mushrooms, no meat, since mom liked vegetable jiaozi very much. Just want to show you the photo of wasabi and vinegar we used. ^ _ ^

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Well at least you succeeded

Well at least you succeeded in making me very very hungry! ;)



If you feel so, you have fallen into "飢餓地獄"
For recovering that, you need to put something into your stomach.


You seem very good at cooking. :)
Thanks. I really enjoy reading your blog.

I am

struggling to search a "ネタ" (material or content), for my blog......orz

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