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So hi,

My name is Ana, i'm from Angola (Africa) but i've been living in Portugal (Europe, cristiano ronaldo's country) for 5 years, in both countries the native language is portuguese so it wasn't that bad!I also studied French for 3 years and it's horrible to say but I suck at it, I had english for 9 and I'm not so bad at it ( I like to think I'm medium good)I've loved Japanese for a couple of years now, it started when my big brother showed me the Naruto anime and i though the language was great and have been wanting to learn and go to japan since then...at least one of them is starting to come true! (thank god) it was a good coincidence finding a youtube post of TJP when I was going around seeing stuff on youtube and I imediatly wanted to start learning!
I don't really have any problem concerning pronounciation probably because of portuguese since we have all kind of sounds so, I hope I learn nihongo :) ok so I can go to japan visit and not look like a dunkey looking at a castle (portuguese proverb it sounds strange in english I know)!

so...Thanks TJP guys!

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