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hiragana já está!

and this means hiragana is done in portuguese! :D
This have been some great days feeling kinda like a kid again learning the A B C or should I say the あ い う!? XD
anyways, these have been great lessons, and the only thing i'm sad about is having no vocabulary so a can read this childrens book all in hiragana but I have no idea of what I'm reading!
etooooo...yeah it sucks but anyway I won't give up now!I'll get a dictionary and learn some vocabulary! and Katakana here we go! :D this is getting おもしろい !!

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Olá e Parabéns!

Another portuguese here. That's awesome!

Congratulations on the progress. It'll get harder, but keep up the motivation and you'll be fine!

Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Beijos e abraços!

Questions? Feel free to ask. :)

re: hiragana

Great to hear your progress!

One step down, about a thousand to go!

Keep it fun and you'll do alright :)

Thank you Dustin! :) I've

Thank you Dustin! :)
I've been using my japanese everytime I can! :D

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