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pass my jlpt n5 =)

Hey ~~ just collected my result last Saturday.. happy, but couldn't help to feel sad at the same time because of the disaster that struck Japan very recently. How can I not think of Japan when I see my result... ?

Praying very hard for their speedy recovery... Amin.


I hope one day I can take this and pass it as well.

Live, Love, Learn, Laugh,

Forgetmaenot - arigatou ^^

domo arigatou gozaimasu ! please try, you got a lot a people that can help you here in this page (What a great page this is) =D

liza ^___~ v

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Congratulations to Liza and Clay!

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Like you, I had some good news early Friday only to be shocked by the disaster. But congratulations on passing!

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thanks guys!

thank you very much !

liza ^___~ v

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Congratulations Liza-san! I

Congratulations Liza-san!

I know we're all still pretty shaken up by the devastation in Japan. It's made it hard to study etc when our thoughts are so focused on that.

Hoping for the best... and hoping people donate to places like the Red Cross to help the disaster recovery.


re: pass jlpt n5

Congratulations on Passing!

We're all sad over what is going on in Japan.

Here's to a speedy recovery out there!

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