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How I decided to study Japanese

Most of my decisions regarding learning a new language are taken in a snap, really. I basically wake-up one morning and think: "You know what? I guess I'll learn some French!"
The only execption was when I started my English course, because my parents decided it for me hahaha. :)
But for French and Japanese it was the same "out-of-the-blue" idea.

I like Japanese food. I like Japanese culture. I read mangas. I listen to lots of J-Pop and J-Rock. Even my boyfriend is Japanese related! Dang, something was missing, why not learn Japanese? XD

I intend to keep this blog to keep track of my progress and also register my impressions about the language. As I'm learning Kana first because I don't want to rely on roomaji for too long (or at all) my first posts will be in English.

I'm an English teacher so if you need any help regarding the language, feel free to ask me. I'm usually busy with work and studies, but I'll do my best to help you quickly. :)

See you around!

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