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First Hiragana Class

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I had my first Hiragana class! Yay! ^^
Well, it's not exactly a class, because I didn't enroll any regular course because I can't afford it right now. So I basically gather information on the internet and study by myself.

I'm taking baby steps learning Hiragana, studying 2 or 3 per day. Yesterday I tackled あ and い. I downloaded some writing practice sheets to improve my wirtting and I was scared on how the first attempts on writing the letter were so hard and looked so horrible! I was about to panic when I remembered that my handwritting wasn't excellent when I learned how to write in my native language too, so it was just a matter of practicing.

I used this post from Tae Kim's guide to Japanese to learn how to write Hiragana. Whenever you click the letter, it shows you the pronunciation and stroke order.:)

Now it's just a matter of keep going!

See you,


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