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I am totally worried and desperate to learn japanese language. S.O.S

I am married to a half Japanese. I am going to japan soon to be with him and work. But I only know little Japanese vocabulary. I want to learn but i don't know how. I have one book but still it's not effective. I tried studying on youtube and tried phrases and talked with my husband but he laughed at me because I was talking like ancient. huhuh I don't know how to study Japanese. I am 24 and I don't know vocabulary that suits my age. It's so hard to ask helped from my partner because he has no patience in teaching me aside from the fact that he's busy with his work. So, I just stopped asking questions to him. I wanted to study in a Japanese school but I don't have extra money for it. I wish I can find a friend who could guide me. I don't know what to do.


I don't know how much free time you have, but even though I'm a beginner, what I've always done is listen to videos of Japanese people speaking with English subs. Not lessons per say, but shows and movies. It helps with the pronounciation that a book can't give you, and offers a more practical usage that everyday people use. Sorry if it didn't really help.

Still worried?

Hi Katrina,
I can give you my views if you are still looking for some. New to this site tonight and I can't see how old you post is. Let me know if you still wanting advice. Regards, Ian.

my reply.

Hi Ian. I just posted it maybe 2 days ago. Yeah i need an advice. I'm having troubles studying and I need it badly for I am going there in Japan months from now maybe. thank you for your comment. :)