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Proud of myself

Hey, TJP! I haven't been on the website much while taking in little tid-bits of Japanese. I've been too busy finishing up high school to create it a major focus. But nonetheless, I've been learning at least a little bit!

Anyway, what made me want to post this quick blog today is the fact that between only learning Chinese for a year and knowing such limited Japanese... I clicked into this video on YouTube that was an anime with the original Japanese dubs-- but there was Chinese subtitles! I don't know what the show was, but while I was watching it, between what I know of Japanese and Chinese, I was able to take my knowledge of both languages and understand what was going on. :)

That's my little miracle story of the day. It just motivated me to work harder while studying 5 foreign languages.

On another note of my studies... I'm going to be taking the AP German exam in less than two weeks and I'm trying to get into a program where I would do volunteer work in Germany for 6-12 months later this year. I need to go back there. Wish me luck! :D I know my studies will go well.

Thanks for reading!

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