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New to This!

So yeah I'm new to this website and new to Japanese. I took up learning the language about two months ago.

As for my current abilities - I currently have a very basic knowledge of Japanese, I can read Hiragana and am still getting my head around the more arduous task of learning Katakana. I can say very basic sentences, I understand the uses of the important particles and I have a rough grasp on word order (relative to my beginner level). My vocabulary is quite poor because i have spent a lot of time getting a rough feel and idea of the grammar so I can prepare myself for what I am going to learn in future. However I am keen.

I think my biggest issue will be getting my head around words used by males and females, as I read that many foreign males often sound feminine to native speakers because of using the wrong wording! Also It seems challenging getting an understanding of when to use formal and informal language, However I am sure I will learn this in time as I plan to hopefully get tuition of the language and travel (and work if i'm lucky!) in Japan in the future.

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