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Let's get started!

If you're really interested in learning Japanese!!

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Learning Japanese is difficult for you?
It's alright.

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Thank you for your reply and i am anxiuos to learn Hiragana. If you would give me an assingment to work on soon that would be great and once more thank you for your reply!

hai! ganbarimasu.

hai! ganbarimasu.

Thanks for your reply!

If you need a help about your learning Japanese,I'll help you with it.
Have fun to learn!

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I am new to the japanese language and the website told me to begin with Hiragana..... Unsure what to do.....I am 13 and have always told my mom and dad that i would take us all to japan (Yet The rest of my family is afraid of flights) please help

@Was_Tol,help me

Will you help me?,I plan to go to Japan in the future,I'm 14 years old,I want to learn Japanese so much,it'll help me out with the school I'm applying for, it'd mean so much to me.

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