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Yay, I'm trying to learn Japanese before school starts, it starts in 3 days >.<, oh no! But it's alright of course I'm not going to learn everything before it starts, but I wanna impress my friends hehe. -CranberryJuicyJuice

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You're trying to learn

You're trying to learn Japanese in 3 days? :P

hehe... well, you should at least be able to learn about the language a bit. What the kana and kanji are, etc.

http://thejapanesepage.com/getting-started <-- that page should give you some of the basics. But you probably won't be able to actually learn how to read or write much of anything in only 3 days. :/

Good luck though! Hopefully you'll keep right on learning it even after school starts. :) It's really like a hobby you pick up for li