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Question about JLPT N5 Vocabulary List!

Hello!) It would be great, if somebody will help me with this confusing situation!

So I`m studying for JLPT N5 and I must learn +-80 Kanji and +- 800Words, but each word in Vocabulary List has a new KANJI! So does it mean that I must learn them too ???
I don`t understand it clearly, cause it`s not 800words then, of course for majority people Kanji is really challenging stuff!
Or I should learn words in Hiragana ? Then why they write them also in Kanji ?
I will be really grateful for any help =))
Thank you in advance!

And sory 4 posting my msg in JLPT N4,couldn`t find N5!

Learn the hiragana spellings of words containing advanced kanji

I believe that one is expected to know somewhat over 100 kanji for the N5 level exam, so you may be looking at an outdated list.

In the past, when vocabulary words required for the level 4 JLPT test (which corresponds to the new N5 level) contained kanji which were not required for the test, they were spelled using kana wherever they occurred in the test. So you need to be able to recognize such words when they are spelled entirely in hiragana. I imagine that it's possible that a word which is normally spelled with a combination of kanji, only one of which was among the 100 or so at N5 level, might be spelled with a combination of the elementary kanji and hiragana replacing the more advanced kanji, but I have not seen this on past tests.

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