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Luigi's Japanese Log - Day 1

I started with the so called A series:
あ A
い I
う U
え E
お O

After a few repetitions I was ready for the K series:
か KA
き KI
く KU
け KE
こ KO

The G series came straight after -- it was easy, you just need to add the ten-ten or dakuten:
が GA
ぎ GI
ぐ GU
げ GE
ご GO

Enough characters for my first steps I guess. I'm following the Human Japanese application and memorizing the characters with Anki (SRS software), both for iPad. I review daily using the resources found here on The Japanese Page.

The pronunciation is easy. The sounds are very similar to Portuguese, my mother tongue.

I memorized the "vowels" already. I'm still repeating the K series with Anki though.

Well, see ya tomorrow.

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