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Luigi's Japanese Log - Day 3

Although I have studied the T series today, I am starting to get confused. Tomorrow I plan to do only a review of what I know until now. No new characters.

Anyway, today I have learned the following:

た TA
て TE
と TO

As usual, with the addition of ten-ten, I got the following related sounds:

だ DA
ぢ JI - which sounds like じ
づ ZU - which sounds like ず
で DE
ど DO

Now, regarding the memorization, I'm having some trouble with と TO and こ KO. I don't know exactly why, but I always mix up the two.

OK, then. Until tomorrow, the review day.

A quick tip about to and ko

This is how I remember it cause I am a nut. To looks like a weird frog with it's big mouth open ready to chomp on your toe. Ko looks like someone's closed eye, and people typically close their eyes when they are Knocked Out. I hope I don't sound too dumb, and good luck!

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oh thats kool. thanks

oh thats kool. thanks

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Luigi's Japanese Log - Day 4

Today was review day, so I'm not posting a new blog.

I reviewed the characters I studied until today with Anki and the sound board from Human Japanese.

I'm amazed how Anki works. I'm memorizing all characters quite easily.

Tomorrow I will learn the N series.

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