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So...I memorized half the hiragana in one sitting.

I just need to finish up but first I'm going to go get my grape kool-aid. I can't help but wonder, though...should I bother with katakana? I mean, I've heard of people who don't formally learn it but pick it up easily...please tell me what you think in the comments.


i agree - i learned the hiragana first and then left it a while before learning katakana. i found that i then struggled to read some books and wesites as i wasn't as good at the katakana (i still have some problems with katakana). i wish i had learned them both at the same time although the two should hopefully even out for me with time and practice.

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I learned them one after the

I learned them one after the other, but I still had trouble with katakana for a long time just because we use it so much less frequently. It'll come in time. :)