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Never kept a blog before

As the title says - i never kept a blog or a diary before. Thought i'd give it a go here though and try and get my randam babblings to prgress from English to Japanese. This may take quite some time and there will be alot of mistake along the way but then i keep being told that we learn from our mistakes. With that theory i should therfore learn quite quickly (here's hoping). I suppose this blog will end up being a diary for me really where i can see my progression with Japanese. I will only use words, phrases, grammer, kanji etc that i actually know (so no looking in the dictionary).

As previously mentioned in my forum introduction post 私はギャリです。
Already started learning some kanji. Gonna use the IME Pad to draw them if i want to use them.


I'm more of a paper & pen

I'm more of a paper & pen person plus some DS games keep track of my practice so it's not too bad.

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about that IME pad...

It's the shining example of why you need to learn stroke order!

Oh that. I know what you're

Oh that. I know what you're talking about now. I can't use it because I didn't install the operating system on this computer.

What's the IME Pad?