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おはよう。きょうわ月曜日です。I've taken a bit of a break from studying any japanese for the last week. Other half has been off work and i think i was trying to take in too much far to quickly. Back to it this week but at a steadier pace. I find that i can learn the shape and stroke order of the kanji very easily, just as i find memorising lists of vocabulary quite easy. The big problem i'm having is remembering the different readings of the kanji - i've tried learning the on and kun readings but that seems to confuse me even more. If anyones got any suggestions of how to make this easier i would be grateful. As for learning new vocabulary I've given up with all the set lists that i keep being given by different books and programs. Going for words that i can actually use on a regular basis so that i can get the hand of creating sentances - think i was focusing too much on learning words and not enough on how to actually speak japanese.

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