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Hiragana [✔]

Day: 3
Status: Hiragana Completed (Need to Revise though)
Next Train: Katakana Express
Complaints: I still have Katakana to learn! :(
Excited: About the Genki book I got! :D
Now: Trying to identify Hiragana letters in the inter-web.

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Genki is a great book. :D

Genki is a great book. :D Enjoy!

がんばってね! ^_^


Thank You :)

I hope I'll be able to complete it by myself.

ありがとうございます. :D

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Did you just get Genki I ? I

Did you just get Genki I ? I got up to chapter 10 or so in it before switching to another textbook to work with a friend. Genki went at a fairly slow pace and gave you plenty of time to review and soak up the material. :) Just take your time and keep at it and you should keep making progress. :) And of course you can always ask here if you have trouble.


I got Genki II too! :D And

I got Genki II too! :D
And after reading your comparison sheet and other opinions, I am planning to get 'Japanese for Everyone' too. Although, for now, I think I will just go with the two Genki-s (slow and steady).
If I have any trouble I will surely ask here. I love TJP and am so glad that I found this website. Thank you once again.

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