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I don't get it,please help

I spent time about 15 mins everyday trying to study Hiragana and have no memory of it what so ever,it went through one ear and I guess I'm too frustrated to go back and try again, I really hate giving up on things I'd really like to learn. I'd like advice on how to learn a language fluently

My $8 CD rom taught me

Hiragana and katakana by doing 5 a day, but after I learned them there was a quiz combing what you learned.
For example

EX: you'd learn あいうえお first (write them maybe 10 times each while pronouncing them out loud) then after that it would have combinations for them all so you can practice reading.

EX: あい あう あえ あお ect.. for focusing on pronunciation. each lesson builds increases the difficulty

EX: after you learn あいえうえお naturaly かきくけこ is next (you do your writing) then pronunciation with even more hiragana

EX: (now that you know more hiragana put them together and say them!! even if they're not real words) あきく おけい いこう うこき ect...

I didn't plan on writing this much, and I don't want to come off like Im a expert cause I still have a lot to learn. My biggest piece of advice when it comes to Japanese is don't use characters in isolation too much, cause you will rarely find them that way.