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ライアーゲーム Liar Game

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Sooo, I am also in the middle of watching this other drama called Liar Game. This drama was recommended by a friend in my Japanese class, but I didn't get around to watching it until a couple more people told me it was amazing... and it IS. Not only are the actors amazing with Toda Erika playing the lead female and Matsuda Shota as the lead male, but the plot line is extremely well constructed, keeping you in suspense the whole time.
For those who haven't watched it, here is a brief synopsis of the storyline.
Kanzaki Nao is a young women who is often called to honest for her own good. Not only is she ridiculously honest, but she is ridiculously gullible. One day, upon returning home, she finds a large black box on her doorstep, but, instead of reading the attached note, she immediately opens the box... to find stacks and stacks of bills totaling to 100 million yen and at the bottom a DVD.
She puts the DVD into the player and promptly is explained that, because she opened the box, she has agreed to take place is the Liar Game Tournament. She will not be allowed to withdraw.
Both she and her opponent are given 100 million yen. The goal of the game is... by the end of the month, to steal the other player's money. At the end of the month, officers from the game will come their houses and take back the 100 million originally left to them. Whatever they have left over from stealing from the opponent, is their prize money. However, if your money is stolen, you will go into debt; max debt being 100 million dollars.
Needless to say, the naive Kanzaki Nao almost immediately gets all her money taken away. In desperation, she runs to the police, who tell her that they can't do anything because she "agreed" to the game in advance. However, the officer suggests that she seek the help of someone... the genius swindler who happenes to be getting out of jail tomorrow.
Together, Kanzaki Nao and the swindler Akiyama Shinichi work together the the many rounds of the game to get out of debt and to help the other players get out of theirs.
Definately in my top three favorite dramas! I definately suggest you take a look!
This drama is available at www.youtube.com or at www.aznv.tv. However, to watch it on AznV, you must download the winamp media payer at www.winamp.com

woot thank you kisshu

i been looking for dramas similar to death note this one is great!! if you see another similar please let me know!

Liar Game was my first

Liar Game was my first Japanese drama and is responsible for my addiction :) I was so excited to see Matsuda Shouta again in Hana Yori Dango, too.

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