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1 リトルの涙 Ichi Ritoru no Namida (1 Litre of Tears)

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I'm quite annoyed since I went through the trouble of typing this up about 2 days ago, and somehow... it deleted itself? >_>
Anyways, this is the first time that I seriously cried for any movie/tv show I had ever watched. I've teared up and stuff, but never full out balled. I swear. I was mess on the floor O_o
The story follows the life of an exceptional high school student who is diagnosed with an incurable illness. This illness affects the brain's ability to move. As it progresses, the person will need a wheelchair and eventually be unable to speak; only communicating by pointing to letters. However, the thinking part of the brian will still function normally, making the person a prisoner in his/her own body.
This drama is very touching, especially since it is based off the diary of a real girl with this disorder. The main character, Aya, is played by the talented actor Erika Sawajiri (whom you might recognize from her other dramas such as Taiyou no Uta,) and the main male character is played by Ryo Nishikido, the talented actor and singer.
What I found most moving was that in the true story, there was no male character who falls for Aya. However, the real Aya always wanted someone to fall in love with her, so, so fufill her daughter's dreams, Aya's true mother asked the director to include this male character.
If you are a fan of sad movies (or even if you're not) this drama is a MUST WATCH. It was the first drama I ever watched, and is still one of my top favorites. Please take the time to watch it!
It's available on www.youtube.com, www.crunchyroll.com and www.aznv.tv. However, if you watch it at AznV, you must download Winamp Media Player found at www.winamp.com

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moushiwake gozaimasen deshita.

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