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favorite jdoramas..

a few of my favorites. ps, you can watch at:
tatta hitotsu no koi
nobuta wo produce
kimi wa petto
orange days
beautiful life
one litre of tears
yukan club
hana yori dango
to be honest that's all I can remember off of the top of my head. i've seen way too many dramas :)
i'll post more soon :)

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Lovely. I'm sure that would

Lovely. I'm sure that would go great, a 16 year old sueing my internet company. It's a local provider, and when I used bittorrents once, they cut our speed way down. Plus, it's a lame service to begin with since we only have a certain ammount per month we can download without getting the speed cut. According to my dad, we'll get a new one once the contract expires in the fall. ^-^;; But since I'm the only one in the house that wants to use bittorrents, I guess I'm gonna just have to wait.

I'm thankful to the subtitlers.. but I can't even watch the dumb things if I have to download the files. So I guess its streaming or nothing?

And, like I said earlier, subtitlers don't have the rights to the media to beign with ^^;;

Anyway, there are two different set ups for the groups, the original one, and some other one. I picked the original one haha.

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what the.. !? Who is your

what the.. !? Who is your ISP?

Comcast is being taken to court by the FCC for allegations of interfering with bittorrent and other peer to peer traffic.

Pirating software, music or movies/tv shows may be illegal, but I'm not aware of an ISP that can legally prevent you from using bittorrent. There are legal uses for bittorrent and you're not stealing bandwidth you aren't paying for. They have no justifiable reason to be pulling something like that.

Frankly if it were me, I'd take them to court.

This is like in Comcast's case where they sell "unlimited" accounts, and then disconnect people for using too much bandwidth. When you understand the concept of bandwidth caps etc, you see how ridiculous that is. And they refuse to say how much is "too much".

Mind you, if you pay for 10mbit/1mbit, you can't use more than that speed, no matter what. If they sell you "UNLIMITED", you should be able to use 10mbit/1mbit 24 hours a day or they're guilty of false advertising and should be sued. If they can't provide the service, they shouldn't be advertising and selling it and then punishing users who break some imaginary rule that contradicts what they were sold and are paying for.

Anyway... that whole thing steams my shorts.

Also, I'm not really aware of any fansub group that approves of the streaming video sites. All the ones I've seen absolutely hate them and explicitly state that their fansubs can't be shown there and ask that if you seem someone doing so to report them (Love Song, Dattebayo etc.)

http://fansub.d-addicts.com/Love_Song (notice the bold red print under Distribution Guidelines)
http://www.dattebayo.com/faq.aspx (See #16)

Those are the main groups I've been watching lately and none of them want you doing it. SARS basically has the attitude "well, you're going to **** us all anyway, so please at least link back to us so people can get the torrents and see the shows the way we want them seen." but it's clear they'd rather you didn't if they could do anything about it. The others are abundantly clear how they feel about it.

http://community.livejournal.com/tomalicious_frm (repeated firm stance on NO STREAMING)

I'm sure I could dig up a bunch more if I tried.

What is clear is that too many users ignore the wishes of the fansub groups that are doing the hard work for them. I see tons of forum posts from users who are either completely oblivious, or simply could care less what the actual fansub groups have to say. All they care about is getting their shows.

And while fansubbers aren't legal per se, they have a general agreement usually with the companies who own the rights. eg; when the show gets licensed for US release, they pull the fansubs down and tell you to buy the DVDs etc. But as artists etc, they generally want their work seen the way they released it, not as resampled tiny garbage on a streaming video site. It doesn't really matter what their reasons are, what matters is that they're the ones doing the work and if people want them to continue doing it, they might want to stop being so incredibly disrespectful all the time. :(

Sorry for the rant... I just hate seeing the fansub groups getting so angry about this and some even going so far as to delay releases and request that people go turn people in for DMCA violations on streaming sites and have their accounts canceled and possible legal action taken for ignoring them and posting their releases there anyway.

On a side note, did you set your group to use the old theme or something? It's the only one I've seen that uses the fixed width theme... the rest of the site and groups I've seen all use the full width 3 column design.


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Yes, but most likely, the

Yes, but most likely, the subtitlers don't have direct permission to distribute either. I haven't seen any who do, yet. Anyway, crunchyroll takes off any fansubs that the actual producers don't wish to distribute and also they take off those that the fansubbers request taken off... so no worries there.

Anyway, even if I wanted to, I can't download bittorrents... >_> it's against my internet provider's policy.

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Crunchyroll et al.

From my experience with the j-dorams, they really dislike their work showing up on crunchyroll, clubbox etc. Many specifically state in the subtitles that they are not to be shown on any streaming media sites.

If you want to watch the dramas, get them from D-addicts and respect the wishes of the fansubbers! :)

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Haha! I'm in the middle of GTO and Dragon Zakura right now... and yes... Hana Yori Dango will have the same actors!
My Japanese Blog: www.jellyfishsushi.blogspot.com
My Art: www.k-i-s-s-h-u.deviantart.com

My Japanese Blog: http://www.jellyfishsushi.blogspot.com
My Art: http://www.k-i-s-s-h-u.deviantart.com

haha hana kimi was really

haha hana kimi was really good sorry sorry sorry hehe. maki-chan is adorable.
i didn't see liar game to be honest...right now I'm in the middle of this drama Iguana No Musume which is good it's just the concept of the fight between the mom and daughter is kind of lame. (Basically, the mom doesn't want the daughter because she thinks she is an iguana and the girl has no confidence because she thinks she is an iguana) haha. That makes it kind of funny though.

A couple of the ones you listed I didn't see (dance drill, honey and clover) though I just kind of put it off. But you have really good taste :)
Really? A movie? Will it have the same actors/resses or different ones? I hate when they get different ones. It's like...it ruins the whole movie AND the dramas. Did you watch Meteor Garden (Chinese version of Hana Yori Dango) by any chance? I didn't mind it in chinese...but like your icon, I love asians in general haha.

anyways, talk to you soon :)


jackie :)

mentally quick, physically strong, spiritually alive~

Or Summer Snow...Hitaru no

Or Summer Snow...Hitaru no Hikari ...Taiyou no Uta ...

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O___O Hana Kimi and Liar Game aren't on there?!

I'd say my top three are
Liar Game
Hana Kimi
Hana Yori Dango (1 and 2)...
But I also like
1 Litre of Tears
Taiyou no Uta
Summer Snow
Attention Please
Gokusen (1 and 2)
Yamada Tarou Monogatari
Nobuta wo Produce
Ganbatte Ikimasshoi
Attack No. 1
Dance Drill
Honey and Clover
Kimi wa Petto
Propose Daisakusen

There are some more, but they really didn't make it to the top XP
Anywho, did you know that this year, there will be a Hana Yori Dango movie?! -excited-

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