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9:00pm, 2/10/08, #2, homework dominates my life.

yay 37 subscribers this made my night :)
Just so you know, I might end up rambling about myself too sometimes, so if you want to skip my life-story, you can always scroll down and all the music stuff will be there. How is everyone's japanese going? Mine sucks right now, because the SATs/sleeping/eating is using up most of my time right now. Sometimes, I feel like I'm still stuck on, "Konnichiwa. Jackie desu." haha. Not to mention my mom is always on my case about studying Japanese when I have my spanish exam in may...hehe japanese is too addicting :) stay positive though...the best thing you could do is practice a little each day instead of putting it off...gambatte! In regards to music, I'm planning on adding one audio file everytime I update, so you can actually listen to some music. The music charts are the top twenty songs of each day, from oricon which is the primary music chart company in japan (think billboard.com) First, I stated the song title in japanese, then romaji, then english. For the artist, I put it in Japanese, then romaji. There is the possibility of mis-translation, so if you are looking this up, your best bet is to use the japanese or romaji. Take note, some song titles are already in English so there was no translation and some artists don't have a japanese name (ie, NEWS). I'm planning on updating weekly, but you can go to the site anyday and look it up..just take note, the site is in japanese. Duh. Anyways, here is the first installment:
Note:(You should be on the edge of your computer chair in anticipatory excitement.)
Oricon Daily Top 20 Charts
Chart Date: 2/10/08
■■■ SINGLES ■■■
1. そのまま - SMAP
2. そばにいるね - 青山テルマ (Aoyama Yoichi) ft. SoulJa
3. 太陽のナミダ (Taiyou No Namida)...Sun of Tears - NEWS
4. Home - 清水翔太 (Shimizu Sho)
5. 海雪 (Umi Yuki)...Ocean Snow - ジェロ(Jero)
6. Pure/You're My Sunshine - Exhile
7. 君 (Kun) Station...Mr. Station - ORANGE RANGE
8. 手をつなごう(Te O Tsunago) - 絢香(Ayaka)
9. Namidairo...Color of Tears - YUI
10. Step And Go - 嵐 (Arashi)
11. 旅立ち (Tabidachi)...Setting Off - GReeeeN
12. 愛をこめて花束を (Ai Wokomete Hanataba Wo) - Superfly
14. 幸せはすぐそこに - 天童よしみ (Tendou Yoshimi)
15. 桜の花、舞い上がる道を...Cherry Blossom - エレファントカシマシ
16. 吾亦紅 (Ware Mata Kurenai) - すぎもとまさと (Sugimoto Masato)
17. HEART STATION/Stay Gold - 宇多田ヒカル (Utada Hikaru)
18. Home - 木山裕策 (Hiyama __)
19. 玄海船歌 (Genkai Fune Uta) - 氷川きよし (Hikawa Kiyoshi)
That took longer than expected...eh...but don't worry :) I have no life anyway. Some of them I couldn't fill in like 18, no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find a way to properly translate the first name. But, oh well. Below..above? I'm going to make an audio post with the #1 song by SMAP.
If you have time fill this out and send it:
Was the formatting okay? (I know it's annoying, but what would you change to make it better)
Is there any other info you want me to include? (Albums, more than 20 songs, etc.)
Is there a particular genre you like?...(Convince me why you want it on here, or I won't bother)
Other suggestions.
* * * * * *
Okay I'll go annoy you more in the next post ;)

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