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Audio File Uploader -_-

So the audio file uploader decided it only likes files less than 2 mb (which is like a minute-worth of music...yeah, i know) so then I tried splitting the file into parts but then it wouldn't convert back into an mp3 so when I tried uploading it, it said everything was fine, but no music was there. So if anyone has suggestions, please tell me so I can get you guys the music. That's what this is all about :)
Anyways, I'll be up stalking on facebook and watching episode five of Iguana No Musume... yay jdoramas. talk to me because I'm bored :)

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Try lowering the bitrate or

Try lowering the bitrate or saving it as mono. You can get a 2 minute MP3 file very small. I'll see if I can't raise the minimum up to 10 megs or so, though.