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10:45 pm, 2/11/08, #4, Happy*

Note: No new music is being provided in this post, I'm just talking. So don't read it if you're not interested :) I think I'll put a star in the titles of posts that are just me rambling.
So I listened to a couple of the songs that were in the top twenty list I posted last night. I have a soft-spot for KAT-TUN so I really liked LIPS because it was a little different than some of the stuff they've done before. Way less pop...it has a fast and powerful beat and it's a lot less "cute japanese boy-band" haha. If you like slow R+B love songs, Aoyama Yoichi's number 2 hit has a nice smooth beat with a little bit of rapping...it gave me a pop feel. I listened to Jero's Umi Yuki and it was different. If you like older-sounding voices this is for you. It's got a lot of instrumentals going on in the background. Superfly's Ai Wokomete Hanataba Wo was really awesome. She has an awesome voice...it kind of reminded me of something GReeeN would do. I listened to lover by DREAMS COME TRUE and I really liked the verses...she sounded really passionate. The chorus was a little 80's-ish, but still really cool. Stay Gold by Utada Hikaru is beautiful. Her voice sounds really light and sweet.
Well, that's all I listened to, but atleast you'll have a little bit better idea of what you are looking for if you decide to download or look into the songs.
Right now, I've really been into this Korean group, Big Bang. (I know, OMG KOREANS, NO!) I really wish Korea and Japan would be able to reconcile their differences...but then again, it's not like America is peaches and cream. I'm not too excited for the election - I just hope our country remains safe.
Anyway, I just bought a vocab book so I was thinking about putting a list of 10 vocab words in the middle of the week (thursday/friday) and doing charts on mondays. That way, you can listen to music throughout the week and then I'll put up some vocab words so you can listen and study. The next week, I'll put up a multiple choice quiz so you can test yourself.
I know, this is only supposed to be J-music, but what's the fun in listening if you don't know the words!? (Even though I love Japanese music anyway :)
Let me know what you think.

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