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Hello ^_^
My name is Alessia and I found this website very reliable and usefull so I joined too.
I live in Japan since October 2007 (because my husband is japanese) but I really can't study seriously even if I want to, I've read some articles here and it gave me courage to continue to study!
I love japanese music, I started to listen to it 10 years ago (OMG, so much time and my japanese is still so basic?! T.T) and my favorite artists are ZARD (the singer passed away last year T.T), DEEN, Amuro Namie, Aiuchi Rina, Hamasaki Ayumi, Kuraki Mai, Show Wesugi (WANDS & al.ni.co), Arashiro Beni etc etc etc ^^
By the way, I'm from Italy and I'm 20 years old ^.^ But my blood is well mixed though...I have mongolian/spanish and german origins.
Let's work hard together!!

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Hey there! :D

Welcome to the club! Nice intro. :)

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Thanks for the introduction! I hope you will enjoy Japanese.

I'm sure your husband's Italian or English is excellent, but I hope you will keep at Japanese. International relationships can be challenging and communication from both directions is a must--in my opinion. :)

Welcome to TJP!

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