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11:20 pm, 3/18/08, #5, Gomenasai!*

Hey guys
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. School is back in session (spring break is over) and life is a living hell again. I'm planning on posting either tomorrow or saturday (because I don't have classes) I go to boarding school (I think I mentioned that) so the academics are pretty tough. We get our internet shut off at 11:30 so no one stays up. I know, ridiculous. Anyways, I'll post a longer (and better) blog entry later. I have an off period tomorrow! yay.


donatasama no tame ni anatawa kotaerun des ka.

Boarding School is cool most of the time

I went to boarding school. It is tough to leave home and all your friends at first, but I got used to it really fast. The friends you make remain good friends for life. Of course my school was co-ed and my girlfriend didn't have a roommate, so that definitely enhanced the whole experience ;). Ahhh the good old days, what I wouldn't give to be back in boarding school with not a care in the world.


boarding school

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A boarding school is usually a fee-charging school where some or all pupils not only study, but also live during term time, with their fellow students and possibly teachers. The word 'boarding' in this sense means to provide food and lodging.

Many public schools in the Commonwealth of Nations (called private schools or independent schools in the US) are boarding schools. The amount of time one spends in boarding school varies considerably from one year to twelve or more years. Boarding school pupils may spend the majority of their childhood and adolescent life away from their parents, although pupils return home during the holidays and, often, the summer break. In the United States, boarding schools generally comprise grades seven through twelve, with most covering the High School years. Most boarding schools also have day students who are residents of the community or children of faculty. Some boarding schools in the United States feature military training.

Good luck for everything

Good luck for everything then ^___________^

Sorry but what is boarding school?

Mmmm...Helllooooo I'm tanika


I'm tanika ^___^

You go to a boarding school? Where?

keke, you sound rather interesting dear ^_^


im looking forward to seeing your article then.
good luck with your school work.

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