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3:00 pm, 3/27/08, #6, I'm Terrible*

Okay, one thing you guys should know about me, is that I'm addicted to procrastination. In case you don't know what that means, it means putting things off for a REALLY long time. Including my music posts. But I plan on entering one today no matter what. So don't be sad! ^^ Things have been going well lately. I've actually gotten a lot of my homework done. I recently bought a japanese ramune (soda pop) which was AMAZING. It was like green and had this cool top and stuff. Want to hear something cool? At school we have this international day and the Japanese kids don't want to give a lesson so I offered to give a class on Japanese! I feel really nervous, but it's just an intro lesson so I should be okay. Sorry I have been talking in English, it's just hard to say everything I would like to say in Japanese! I'm sure you guys appreciate it too because you actually know what I am talking about hehe. Ah! I just uploaded a picture of myself. YES. That is me. hehe it was late at night and I was bored hehe but that is my room at home, not my room at school. After I upload some new music, I plan on uploading some photos so you can get to know me better. Anyways, I'm going to do some homework/shower/post some music. Check back in a couple of hours ^^
ps.~ if you send me messages or post a comment on my blogs, I sometimes forget to post back or I procrastinate it, it doesn't mean I don't like you or I don't want to talk to you! <33 hehe

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