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11:30 am, 3/28/08, #7, New Music!

Oricon Daily Top 20 Charts
Chart Date: 3/27/08
■■■ SINGLES ■■■
1. オレじゃなきゃ、キミじゃなきゃ (Ore Janakya, Kimi Janakya) - 20th Century
2. 60's, 70's, 80's - 安室奈美恵 (Namie Amuro)
3. Break the Chain - Tourbillon
4. Double-action Wing Form - 野上良太郎&ジーク (Ryoutarou Nokami & Zeke)
5. MIRROR BALL - アリス九號.(Alice in ROC.)
6. 旅立ち (Tabidachi)...New Beginning - FUNKY MONKEY BABIES*
7. そばにいるね...To Be Around - 青山テルマ (Yoichi Aoyama) ft. SoulJa
8. ずっと一緒さ...With That Much - 山下達郎 (Tatsuya Yamashita)
9. teenage days - 岡本玲 (Rei Okamoto)
10. FLYING EASY LOVING CRAZY - 久保田利伸 (Toshinobu Kubota) featuring MISIA
11. Love Paradox - リア・ディゾン (Leah Dizon)
12. 海雪...Marine Snow - ジェロ (Jell-o)
13. Melty tale storage - 茅原実里 (Minori Chihara)
14. 「炎神戦隊ゴーオンジャー」 炎神ソウルセット..."God Sentai GOONJA flame" God Seoul Set Fire - 高橋秀幸 (Hideyuki Takahashi)~Project R.
15. 吾亦紅 - すぎもとまさと (Masato Sugimoto)
16. 泣いたらいいさ - 山本譲二
17. ワッハッハー...WAHHAHHA - 関ジャニ∞(エイト)(Kanjani8)
18. TVアニメ『らき☆すた』キャラクターソング Vol.013 Raki ☆ Suta's TV cartoon characters, Song Vol. 013 日下部みさお(水原薫)(Misao Kusakabe) [Kaori Mizuhara]
19. Live or Die - RIZE
20. Sparking Girl/Shinin' Star ☆ REMIX - 及川光博 (Mitsuhiro Oikawa)
Okay, so I lied in my last post, I finished this today :)
Enjoy :)

jrock <333

I love all sorts of jrock. heavy mainly.
GazettE and Versailles are the best.
I want to see them live so badly.



im into some heavy stuff definitely - gazette is amazing.
i just put up the top 20 chart - but there are definitely some heavier songs that i think are worth listening to. I'll try and add some stuff. I'm just lazy/have a lot of work. ^^

mentally quick, physically strong, spiritually alive~

mentally quick, physically strong, spiritually alive~

MUCC, The underneath and D‘ESPAIRSRAY in vancouver april 17th

Any other fans of heavier J-rock here? Everyone should check out the taste of chaos tour that's happening.

good idea! once school is

good idea! once school is over, i'll start up an anime music list. i think people will like it =)

thanks for the input!

mentally quick, physically strong, spiritually alive~

mentally quick, physically strong, spiritually alive~

How about some a-music!

Hey, 小さい蛙! Thanks for the list; I'm missing bands like UVERworld and オレンジレンジ, though. But anyway, I was thinking: How about a list of popular Anime OST? I think you can dig it up, can't you? Please do, coz I usually download only AMusic, and it helps me select them more intelligently. Just a thought, though!

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