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10:00 am, 4/4/08, #8, Birthday~*

Hey guys-
So yesterday was my birthday :) I had a lot of fun. I went out with my mom because she normally doesn't visit school much since we live like an hour away. We went to this Chinese place by my house and then went to the cheesecake factory. Have you guys ever been there? It's insanely good. Try the dulce de leche and you'll go to heaven. I got a few things for my birthday that made me really happy...Cute Japanese pens/pencils/stuffs from my roommate. Some vera wang perfume from my ex (we are still good friends)...though it's complicated right now (one day, i'll write a post about my love conquests...but we are still getting to know eachother, so i'll save you the terror ^^)...A gift certificate to the book store from my mom. Together my mom and my brother got me earrings from tiffany's. My friends threw me a pizza party for lunch. :) Overall it was a nice 17th birthday.
Musically, I've been listening to a lot of Younha, a Korean artist who sings some songs in Korean, some in Japanese. She's similar to Yui only she has a clearer sound...a lot more musically in tune I think. Some songs to download?
-Hakanaku Suyoku
-Te Wo Tsunaide
-Ima Ga Daisuki
-Houki Boshi
I've also been into a lot of Porno Graffiti. They are kind of chill and also remind me of Janna de Arc (another of my many loves)
I'm planning on updating this weekend (along with the other 53475398579829 things I have to do) so fear not, my little music lovers. I'm in English now, so I better go write the essay I was supposed to write hehe. mata, ne.