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Update: April 28, 2008 (2008年 3月 28日)

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Yay! I'm finished the layout of the site now so I should have plenty of time to start adding lessons and content.
My invaitation is still open to anyone who wants to help me out by submitting a few lessons (hint, hint).
Well any way....
Be Genki!

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Hi Gale!

Wow! That's cool.

I recommend starting with the Hiragana and then the katakana. (Together known as the kana)

I have a few lessons on there (I had to fix the menu so you should be able to access it now) which all have a vocabulary list at the top and I put five vocabulary list up a few weeks ago. As soon I get some more put together I'll let you know. ^__^

Until then Be Genki! and remember... Ganbatte!


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