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絶対彼氏- Zettai Kareshi- Absolute Boyfriend

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Well, who knew this would be made into a drama? I never read the manga, but I know people who are fans!
For people who don't know, the first episode of this drama aired this past week and promises to be good! It isn't subtitled yet, but it looks like perhaps sars or lovesong productions may step up to the plate. The first episode was both adorable and HILARIOUS! A definate favorite for those who like a mix of romance and comedy! However, if you like the manga, like almost all dramas, I'm afraid it will greatly differ from the original... my friends tell me the manga is about high schoolers but the drama is about adults!!
The story follows Riko Izawa (played by Aibu Saki> Attention Please, Water Boys, Gambatte Ikimasshoi) a young single woman who desperately wants a boyfriend... because of this wish, she gets "tricked" into buying a perfect one... a robot (Hayami Mokomichi> Gokusen 2, Densha Otoko)! On top of trying to handle the love intentions of her mechanical companion, he co-worker (Mizushima Hiro> Hana Kimi, Gokusen 2) begins to fall for her too! For a woman who knew little about love, what's she to do?
Definately loved the first episode and will be waiting for more! For those who can watch without subtitles, the first episode (with Chinese subtitles?) can be found here! Happy watching!

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