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10:20 PM, 5/15/08, #10, Nutella wa oishii desuyo!*

Hi hi :) I figured I haven't talked to you guys in a while. I'm in studyhall right now but it's near the end so I don't HAVE to work :) Hope you have all been well. I haven't really...yesterday was the ten month anniversary of my dad's passing...I'm trying to be strong, but I miss him so much. So I ate lots of Nutella to make me happy. Have you ever had it?! It's so good... it's an italian chocolate spread made of hazelnuts, chocolate and yummy goodness :) Since I've been really lazy with music lately (since it takes long to translate...and I just finished all of my AP tests...) I thought that I would start doing daily vocabulary so that you can learn three words a day - nice and slow. I know it's really hard to retain a lot of information - especially with busy schedules. Keep listening to your music though! I'll post soon, promise. And school is over in two weeks for me! :P yay. Okay...and also, I don't plan on doing words that are like...not fun. Like "ii" (good) or "ame" (rain).
Oh and I still have to put Japanese on my new computer, so I'm just going to type in romanji, sorry~!
Okay guys~ I'll update you soon! :)
Vocabulary #1
Kaidan - Stairs
Chizu - Map
Eakon - Air Conditioner


tnx for sending some vocabulary :)


Sorry to hear bout u're DAD but ..I agree with u ..I love nutella too ..

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