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Arashi - JE Boyband

Konnichiwa minna-san!
I just joined this group. So, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
I'm just wondering if anyone is aware of Johnny's Entertainment boyband, Arashi. I'm a very big fan of theirs. If you've watched Hana Yori Dango, Bambino and such, you might already be familiar with their music because they sang the Theme Songs. I'm also Ohno Satoshi's biggest fan, who by the way is their Leader. I hope anyone of you who aren't aware of them would take sometime to listen to some of their music and if you're already a fan, let's chat!^^ Since I can't attach any mp3 files to my post, I'll be attaching YouTube links of one of their music (Sakura Sake) and one Ohno solo (Take Me Faraway) to this post to share their music with you! I hope you enjoy them!^^
Sakura Sake - Arashi
Take Me Faraway - Ohno Satoshi


Arashi is good, I like them, but, the only songs I heard that are by them are Happiness and Step and Go...
Can anyone recomend me songs by them that I should listen to?


Your fav. ohno is the leader of Arashi...and yes kare no atarashii uta wa sugoi desu ...!!

also on Livejournal they

also on Livejournal they have group over there called Boys_paper and they have TONS of Arashi pictures over there!!!

Ah, Take Me Faraway is

Ah, Take Me Faraway is really good. I've been listening to it a lot the past couple of days (when the cd first came out almost all I listened to out of the solos was Gimmick Game and Hip Pop Boogie, then I had a phase where all I was playing was Hello Goodbye, and now I'm currently playing Take Me Faraway a lot). However, it's not my favorite of his solos. I love Rain and Top Secret more. ^_^

As for the drama, OMG I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT. -flails- Every time that's brought up, I revert to caps. XD Because I've wanted him to star in a drama for so long, and I totally thought it was a rumor at first when I heard it. I was like, I thought he didn't like dramas, wut/1/1/1/1/1/1 So yeah love that. His black hair, too. <333 Even though I was bummed that he had to lose the blonde hair after having it for a bit over a month. I ended up loving that look so much.

As for my favorite, most days it's Aiba, heh. He's so bubbly and adorable and is just like I LOVE LIFE, YAY. He never ceases to entertain me. But Riida's a close second.

As to the original poster, hey, I'm Starr, and just joined this website--was pleasantly surprised to come across another Arashi fan so soon. I'm always looking to meet other Arashi fans--I know so few, especially IRL. ;_;

Hihi... Gin desu... I just

Hihi... Gin desu...
I just join this website only and i spotted this tread... I'm also a fan of them... :D and esp Ohno Satoshi... And his recent 'Take me faraway' is the best song i love in all his solo's... He is just so talented... And he will be acting in a drama... I'm just so excited about it... (^_^)V

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