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If you love KAT-TUN to death, lets be friends! :D

Hello everyone I'm new here and I LOVE KAT-TUN and all japanese related stuff. I'm still slow with the whole japanese page website so..help would be appreciated, and of course, many many friends too! :D

NO WAY!! jin, kame and koki


jin, kame and koki are the sexist guys in kattun.

ueda and juno are cute too, but i don't really feel anything for maru-chan.

i think he dead funny and super cute errr in a baby sort of way.

in the end i'll still love NEWS more then kattun. Yamapi's number one lol.

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I love KAT-tun...^^

i love kat-tun .. cos they are good na ..

but i love TACKEY aND Tsubasa more ^^

they are best to me ..

what u guys think

I respect all the human .. i love to have frdship with all

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Awesome!! My favorite is

Awesome!! My favorite is Koki Tanaka! I don't have any CDs yet, but I'm planning to buy their new one this June <3

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