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My first blog entry...

Hi there everyone! I'm kinda new here and so far, I've learned a lot here, so, in return, I'll write things here that isn't available here.... So please look forward to it!

I have been learning

I have been learning Japanese for 1 years and going to take JLPT 4 exam. I find listening so difficult. N don't know how to improve this skill. Can you help me? Or send me some link to download file for free. or send to my email address uyen_tuong@yahoo.com
Arigato gozaimasu.

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Konnichiwa! こんにちわ!

Konnichiwa! こんにちわ! I'm new here too! And I just registered for Level 4 today! I found the list of kanji very useful! I already know all but 7! :D I can't wait!

I'm such a fangirl...but I love it. ^^

I've never taken any of the

I've never taken any of the tests, but if you want the challenge maybe you should study a little more and take the level 3 test then you know what to expect next time if you don't pass, but if you do pass then you kind of have an idea of what might be on level 2, I heard that there is a huge gap between level 2 and 3. I heard 3 is kind of like 4 but 2 is a whole lot harder and has many many many kanji. If you can pass 4 easily then I think 3 might not be a big deal.

Konnichiwa minnasan. I have