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My dog, Shodan

I have a black Labrador named Shodan. She has a very sweet disposition and I have trained her in Japanese. I have put a couple of photographs in my album of Shodan. She is a very beautiful dog!
Shodan knows some very basic Japanese words/commands. These words are:
I am not sure i spelled these correctly. The other phrases she knows(loosely translated) are; wait and lay down. I am very hesitant to write in Japanese Romanji. I hope you all will be patient with me as I learn.
thank you for reading,


These are dictionary forms of:
come here, stop(whatever you are doing or to stop), jump(or to jump up), and good(good girl). I may have chosen the wrong tenses, or forms of these commands, but a dictionary was all I had when she was a puppy.
My saving grace is this: dogs understand tone of voice more than anything else. For instance, if I look at my dog and tell her in very mean tone of voice how pretty she is, she will think she has done something wrong. And conversely if you talk to her in a very happy tone of voice and tell her how ugly she is, she will wag her tail and be happy because she understands the tone of what you are saying! ^o^
Shodan also responds to hand signals and commands in English, because my daughter insists that she learn a second language!
I hope that made sense.

It would be nice to see

It would be nice to see pictures of your dog! Thank you for your kind words!


I was curious as to what some of the romajii you wrote was. specifically, kitaru yameru okiru and yoshi.
btw, utsukushi inu!

-"You may say im a dreamer, but im not the only one" John Lennon

-"You may say im a dreamer, but im not the only one" John Lennon

Aww your dog is so cute ^^

Aww your dog is so cute ^^ she looks slightly like mine but bigger (mine is a border collie cross beagle) i might upload some pictures some day... it's cool that you trained her in Japanese =)

Thank you! Arigatou!

You are so kind!

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Nice ^^

Well done, cute dog and nice pics. (^_^)

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