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Starting to learn Japanese (newbie here)

well I learned something already but so little that you really couldn't say that I know Japanese.
but anyway I'm starting to use this site to help me learn Japanese. (I have two books, too.)
Biggest difficulty to learn Japanese is memorising hiragana, katakana and kanjis. because I'm finnish and finnish is pronouncet almost like Japanese it is easy to me to speak it.
To another subject. because I'm new here I really hope I make some friend from here. We could speak about all kinds of japanese things, why not every thing else?
Well, i go and check this site more.

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Learning with Patience 0.o

annyeong !:)
hei. im Dhal and im new to this site.
after so much longing of a site that might help me with my
japanese lessons, finally i've come to reach this site, that made me so glad:]

anyhow, being new here is such a bit frustrating and confusing but for all of you
guys that can help me through this ... it will be very much appreciated. Looking forward to your guidance♥


Heh, I'm not very new to

Heh, I'm not very new to Japanese, but I'm taking the class (in highschool) because I love it. So, my main problem is Kanji, I can read Hiragana and Katakana and memorizing is pretty easy too, but I just can't get the kanji, at least not as fast as everything else.

The second problem I have is the grammar, I'm going to pick up a Japanese Grammar book later, but before that, any suggestions?


hey my name is vietanh...im

hey my name is vietanh...im a super newbie ahah
dont know japanese or anything..the only word i know is doushite or however you spell it...can someone be my prsonal teacher? and teach me? im only 14

hi im new here too.... my

hi im new here too.... my name is victoria but i like to be called vicky ^_^



hi..im new too..my name is

hi..im new too..my name is adrian..


hay ^ ^

hi, i just started learning to ^ ^ i finally got hiragana down so 'YA!' lol

Hi!!!! teach me tons of nihongo kay!!?? ^^


wow, lol, your totally right, i'll have to do that, thats a good idea *grin* cool thanks :)

Hi!!!! teach me tons of nihongo kay!!?? ^^

Hmmm.... Not soo hard...

Memorizing Hiragana is easy. I memorized the Hiragana chart in 2 days (basic) and I just re-read/write/practice over, and I bough a few Japanese books (pure Kana) and I just read what the Hiragana and try to pick up the pace (I skip Katakana and Kanji =p)

Katakana= Boo! I, for some reason, dont like it... and I dont even (for some reason) want to study it... I know the vowels though... and SU, MI, SU, DE, PA, TO (from my book =p)

Kanji--> T.T
I'm going to officially start today O.O"
Since being a Translator is what I want to be, Kanji is probably the most essential part of Japanese for me to "master". I bought Kanji cards... I just need to memorize them and the words they make up... *sigh*

Well, who knows? Maybe it will be fun?



I'm CT. Kanji cards?? uhmm...I wonder if they are available here in my country....*sigh*

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memorization tool =]

I've got a poster stuck to my ceiling of all hiragana and katakana. They say that anything you study before you sleep is remembered more than anything because I guess there aren't anything else that is added or overwritten in your brain.

Me to finf Diff to remeber

now im happy i can understand and reply japanese

I respect all the human .. i love to have frdship with all


hey pasting notes thats a good idea thanks ...lol

kanjistep.com really helps

kanjistep.com really helps with katakana, hiragana and kanji

hope that helps some of you!


mentally quick, physically strong, spiritually alive~

mentally quick, physically strong, spiritually alive~

I have problems memorising

I have problems memorising too xD
Infact I just can't seem to find a way which will make me remeber xD


saying it is easy but memorizing it in hiragana form is hard for me

Studying hiragana and

Studying hiragana and katakana was the easiest part for me so far. Now that I'm done that I'm working on kanji -die- and memorizing random words and verbs ect. That's... really hard.
So I'm pasting little stick-it notes all over everything in my house! ^_^;; Hehehe

same here

spelling the words is easy thanks to my native language but is I have problems memorizing the Higarana. I hope too that I can make new friends (^-^)

well i just dont understand how the words work yet

i try to learn the words then try saying other words yet i cant seem to get it wright though

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